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    Conversational CRM is a web-delivered, enterprise class CRM at a price SMEs can afford which is the main offering of ConversationalCRM Limited. ConversationalCRM Limited also offers listclean, a web-delivered service for cleaning data. The following summarises the main points about ConversationalCRM:

    • conversation-centric because good conversations underpin good selling and marketing
    • includes a sales process and pipeline definitions to get in control and proactively manage deals
    • includes integrated e-mail and marketing automation to run relevant, focused initiatives that get results
    • can be used straight away with minimal setup, and a modest monthly fee

ConversationalCRM is Comprehensive and Conversation-Centric

  • Conversation-Centric

  • ConversationalCRM is comprehensive and conversation-centric because good conversations underpin good selling and marketing. It stores conversations from many sources against accounts and contacts:

    • From telephone calls – A summary of the call can be created as a conversation item and attached to a thread if desired.
    • Any emails sent from ConversationalCRM.
    • ConversationalCRM integrates with Microsoft Exchange to synchronise incoming and outgoing emails.
    • Conversation Items are stored for any Landing Page Access.


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    • An enterprise class, web-delivered CRM at a price SMEs can afford.
    • Full functionality straight “out of the box” (apart from sending bulk emails which requires an additional monthly payment) with minimum setup required.
    • Scaleable to over 100,000 accounts and contacts.
    • Built-in Sales Methodology, based around 4 planners, Account, Bid, Deal and Initiative.
    • Support for both single one-off deals and recurring agreements, with Product Categories, Products and Packages.
    • Extensive Sales Reporting including reports of sales against targets, Sales year to date etc.
    • Support for Marketing Information including sending bulk emails, landing pages with userforms and extensive reporting of reads, clicks and non-deliveries.
    • Users can create their own reports and dashboards using the supplied End-User Report Designer and the Dashboard Creator.
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Pricing Options for conversational_crm_logo-267-50

  • User Subscription

    ConversationalCRM charges per user per month

    • Use all the functions within ConversationalCRM apart from sending bulk emails
    • There is no setup fee
    • You might want to consider our assistance in configuring ConversationalCRM to meet your companies’ requirements and to help load your initial data. (£500/day)



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  • email sending

    ConversationalCRM charges a single fee per month for the company to send emails

    • Any user of the company can send emails upto the agreed limit.
    • There is a setup fee of £100 which includes registering a suitable domain and configuring DNS servers etc.
    • We can optionally tell you how to add entries to your own DNS servers (the price is dependant on the work involved).

    £25/5000 emails/month

    £50/25000 emails/month

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Latest News

  • New ConversationalCRM Website Published

    The new ConversationalCRM website has been published today, 9th March 2015. It contains much more technical information than on the previous site and hopefully allows potential customers of ConversationalCRM to determine whether it is the right choice for them.

  • Listclean Website Published

    The website for listclean, a new low-cost, self-service, web delivered data cleaning application has been published today, 9th March 2014. listclean is a new web application developed by ConversationalCRM Limited as a spin-off from ConversationalCRM, the enterprise class, conversation-centric, web-delivered CRM.