• ConversationalCRM has a built in Sales Methodology.
    • Underpinning the methodology are four A3 sized Planners – Account, Bid, Deal and Initiative.
    • These Planners are to be reviewed on a regular basis by the Sales Team.
Deals and Agreements
    • ConversationalCRM supports 2 types of ‘Deal’, Simple Deals and Agreements.
    • Simple Deals are for one-off payments.
    • Agreements are for recurring payments such as for subscriptions etc.
    • Agreements can also be used to group one-off deals where an Account has agreed to buy so much over a period.
    • You can set the number of stages in your Sales Pipeline to reflect your usage.
    • You can set sales’ staff targets.
    • You can then review Deals.
    • You can review what your sales pipeline is doing in many different ways, by drilling down into the data, by forecasting future revenue, by reviewing Year To Date figures or by using pivot tables.
    • ConversationalCRM supports Product Categories, Products and Packages.
    • Product Categories can be hierarchical and they contain Products.
    • Products can also be hierarchical and contain Products.
    • A Product can be a simple one off payment, recurring, e.g for subscriptions or a special product type, Consultancy.
    • Packages are groups of any type of Product.
    • ConversationalCRM has an End-User Report Designer which you can use to design printable reports.
    • It also has a Dashboard Creator for designing Dashboards.