Bulk EMails
    • ConversationalCRM can send bulk emails and check for non-delivery messages.
    • You can set up templates for your emails and included Parameter markers which will be replaced in each individual email sent, e.g. Name, Account, email address etc..
    • Any email address which cannot be reached can be marked so no further emails are sent.
    • Contacts who click on the Unsubscribe link in the email are automatically marked so no further emails are sent.
Landing Pages
    • ConversationalCRM supports Landing Pages.
    • Clicks on any link on the page can be recorded and analysed.
    • Any click can trigger a further action such as transferring to another page or sending an email.
    • You can define ‘Tables’ within ConversationalCRM which can be associated with a ConversationalCRM Form or a Web Form.
    • A Web Form can be hosted by ConversationalCRM or on your own web site.
    • When the Submit button is clicked on the Form it can trigger further actions.